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iPad Apps for Middle School ELA & SS

The following presents free iPad apps for Middle School ELA and Social Studies. This presentation was made to middle school Special Education teachers at the Orville Todd Middle School on March 26, 2014.

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iPad Apps for MS ELA & SS

App of the Week: Markup

MarkupMarkupCost: $1.99
Developer: ShowMe
Platform: iPad
Content Area: All

Description: This app will help teachers who want to embrace a paperless classroom! Teachers can have students send papers and assignments to a special sync email account that you set up when you purchase the app. The documents go directly to the Markup app on your iPad. Many different file types including .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .jpg, .png, .ppt, .cvs, .xls and more are supported. In the app you can use your finger or a stylus to write comments directly onto the document in either black, gray, red, blue or orange. When you are finished grading the paper simply hit send to email it back to the student. You can also open documents on your iPad using the “Open in app” feature found in apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

This app was funded through Kickstarter and was recently released. They are working on collecting feedback from educators on other features to add to the app. Give it a try and send them your feedback!

Advertising: None
Ease of Use: Easy
Multi-user: N/A

App of the Week: KivaBridge

Developer: MayneBridge
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Content Area: Social Studies

Description: KivaBridge allows you to browse the many different opportunities to get involved in microlending at What is microlending? Microlending is a movement to connect people around the globe to alleviate poverty by making small loans. The minimum amount you need to contribute to an entrepreneur on Kiva is $25. Kiva works with different microfinance institutions or field partners that administer the loans. The field partners distribute the money to the individuals and collect the payments to send back to Kiva. Kiva is a great way to promote global collaboration. Even if you don’t want to donate, you can use this app to get a sense of the needs of individuals around the globe. Use the map to find a loan or use the filtering feature in the loan list.

Advertising: None
Ease of Use: Very easy
Multi-user: No